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Tenant Representation

For many businesses, owning their own facility isn’t the best business decision, so the next best thing is to find a suitable lease space. However, leasing a space for your business involves a number of critically important evaluation and selection criteria. For most businesses, it is a long term and one of the most important decisions that the business would make as it impacts future growth potential and success. For many, it is also their second biggest expense after payroll.

It is also something that requires the expertise of seasoned real estate professionals who can guide you by providing you with the necessary tools and knowledge for you to make this important decision. Whether you are looking for Office, Retail, Industrial or Manufacturing space, the professionals at Meridian Real Estate, not only have access to hundreds of properties and spaces not only in the Houston area but all over America and can also provide with you the following services:

Location Demographics – Locating spaces for different types of businesses requires different selection criteria such as convenient access to customers, parking, close proximity to highways and airports or high walk-in traffic such as a mall. The right space can help the business gain the advantages of other tenants with complementary businesses and marketing synergy. We will help you evaluate the space choices for suitability to your business. Ultimately the decision is always yours but we can present you with multiple choices.

Cost & Revenue Projections – We will help you evaluate a lease space based on the costs to operate and the projected revenues. A great many considerations and financial calculations come into play to assure that the lease space will be the right location for a successful business.

Lease Terms & Structure – From gross leases to triple net leases, there are a great many ways in which a lease can be structured, and this structure can make a big difference in profitability. We help our clients with evaluating lease options and terms for the operation of a successful and profitable business.

Let Meridian Real Estate help you to locate the perfect lease space for your business and to negotiate the most beneficial lease terms.