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Landlord Representation

Our team of experts understands that each property and each client is unique. With their goals and objectives in mind, we devise ownership and asset management strategies that would help them achieve their long and short term investment goals with the returns they are looking for. For our landlord clients, we provide the following services:

  • Walkthrough and evaluate the properties for its amenities and strong points that can be utilized to market it. We also suggest the areas that need improvement.
  • Determine the current area rental market and position it to be marketed to potential tenants highlighting its strong points with competitive rental rates.
  • Receive and qualify potential tenants with the goal of accepting tenants who have the financial capability to fulfill their lease obligations.
  • Provide the Landlords with constant updates on their properties and inform them of immediate adjustments that may need to be made to continue the best marketing efforts.
  • Develop long term leasing objectives and plans to minimize tenant turnover and maximize lease renewals.
  • Work with the Property Management staff to ensure that we are offering the best of service to our clients and the pro.